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Qilium is specialized in developing Operating Systems for smartcards




Why do we need Card Operating System (COS)?
In order to characterize a card as smart, you need a dedicated Operating System. This is where Qilium enter the game
The baseline functions of the COS, which are common across all smart card's products, include :

Management of interchanges protocols
between the card and the outside world
Management of the files and data held in memory
Access control to information and functions
for example : select file, read, write and update data
Management of card security and the cryptographic algorithm procedures
Maintaining reliability, particularly in terms of data consistency, sequence interrupts, and recovering from an error
To whom is it usually delivered ?





  • Licences


Card manufacturer


  • Licences
  • Module
  • Prelams





  • Smartcards
  • Module
  • Prelams



What is the aim of Qilium ?





  • Developping Card Operating System (COS)
  • Developping or helping to develop Applets


  • Consulting in requirements analysis, provider search, partnership Setup
  • Writing specifications
  • Supporting in pre-personnalization (standards, protocols, ...)
  • Helping in personnalization process and operability




We support our clients at every step of project implementation, from writing specifications to solving operational issues. It is why card manufacturers and integrators trust in Qilium. Our flexibility and reactivity have made us solid partners in many projects.
As smartcard Operating Systems specialists, we make a point of keeping our ergonomic solutions at the highest level of reliability and security.
We can propose a large range of products working on contact or contactless smartcard. One of our unique selling points is the combination of different profiles on a single card.
In other words, Qilium sells high-performance products that adapt to all your specifications.