Physical & logical access


Access control and security of your company inevitably pass through authentication. The individuals entering and leaving your premises must be listed and monitored while having identity checking means. This is a part of what many security firms offer on the market.
Qilium is developping Operating Systems able to satisfy different requirements in the physical & logical access sector 
UniQ is a configured OS dividing your logical database on-card into distinct and independant parts called partitions. Besides the possibility to store the identity of the card holder and his authentication number (Access control), you can create partitions running counters.  With adapted software and readers, those purses could, for e.g., allow your staff to make purchases within the company (photocopy, lunch, coffee, etc.) either in contact or contactless.
The transactions history, the actualized amount value on the card and incrementing - decrementing securely (PIN) are part of the features available on UniQ.
MultiQ allows you to go even further. For some activites such as internet banking, confidential email or intranet access, simple passwords are not enough to confirm the user identity. A more adequate and rigorous authentication method is necessary. It is why MultiQ gives access to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as an authentication method. This is a cryptographic technique that allows companies to securely verify employee's identity via digital signature.
With the appropriate software, generally provided by an integrator, employees are able to access sensitive firm's data from home .This cryptographic method coupled with smartcard characteristics give you access to the Web of trust.
Corporate can also access to other services via smartcard such has :

Private money


Lunch card


E-Business Cards


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