Near Field Communication


Near Field Communication (NFC) is an interactive way to enter in contact with your customers. From smart posters to genuineness control, NFC can help you enhance shopping experience of your customer.
Here are the different use cases of our Operating System :



Smart posters                                                 


Automatic wireless communication configuration (e.g. Bluetooth pairing), electronic business card exchange, etc. such applications can be implemented using already available in the market NFC enabled tag products.


Call request


The Call request use case is the call of the phone number stored into an NFC Forum Tag. The phone number may be written by the user into the NFC Forum Tag by means of an NFC enabled mobile phone. Afterwards reading the NFC Forum Tag the user can make a call request on the stored phone number.




The handover use case consists in exchanging of configuration information via the NFC link to easily establish a connection over e.g. Bluetooth or Wireless LAN. A typical example of Handover use case is: the user touches with his NFC Forum Device (e.g. a Personal Digital Assistant, PDA) the NFC Forum Tag attached on top of a WiFi router. The NFC Forum Tag contains the configuration data that is used by the PDA to setup the Wireless LAN interface and to establish the wireless connection to the Wifi router.




The vCard use case consists of an NFC Forum Tag embedded into a business card that contains an electronic vCard with the person details. Reading the tag using an NFC Forum device like a mobile phone or a notebook, the user can retrieve and save the vCard information into his address book. This saves the user from manually typing the person details of the business card. If the memory space of the NFC Forum Tag is big enough even a Jpeg image can be stored in the electronic vCard.




The SMS use case consists on reading an NFC Forum Tag that is integrated into for example a credit-card size label. The NFC Forum Tag contains an SMS that can be read by a NFC enable device e.g. mobile phone. The user reading this label sends the predefined SMS either retrieving the ring ton hown by the label or activating any of nowadays SMS services.




The URL use case consists on reading an NFC Forum Tag that is integrated into a leaflet or into a credit-card size label. The NFC Forum Tag contains a NDEF message with stored the URL address of a web-page. The label or the leaflet may be read using a notebook or a mobile device both equipped with NFC interface. As soon as the notebook has read the label, it opens automatically the web-browser on the indicated URL address.


 Source : NXP, "NFC Forum Type Tags - White Paper V 1.0", 1 April 2009, PUBLIC