Keep your client satisfy and loyal is part of a global strategy. Loyalty, gift and voucher cards are part of it but not only...


With MultiQ, Qilium wants to give you access to an interactive tools in order to create permanent links between you and your customer. From using contactless cards in the shelter for storing an electronic voucher to accessing dematerialized one on smartphone apps,  the interactions possibilites are rising.
Qilium's Operating systems gives you the opportunity to store customer's information, symmetric and asymmetric key to authenticate the cardholder, NFC tools to communicate with smartphones, EMV transactions which allow you to combine your fuel card with loyalty program, point counter for gift, etc.
You can even couple your existing solution (bar code, magnetic strip, etc.) with a contactless card allowing you to bring your customer's experience to the next level without operating big changes in your system.
Beyond loyalty card, Qilium wants to give your customer access to a real service card
MultiQ is the perfect Operating System to carry those kind of projects out, either in contact, contactless or dual. Integrators can induce a new way to analyse consumers needs, habits and value. Our operating system brings a secure environment (access condition & information storage), compatibility (ISO 7816-4, ISO 14443 A/B) and innovation (Native multi-application OS as a proprietary product). By this way, you can be the company who gives access to this next level.





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