Health cards



Health data are specifics to each patient and his careers. This sector requires secure storage and fast & easy access in any situation. Beyond those operationnal services, thanks to e-health card, reimbursement funds can monitor the record status of their affiliates while minimizing fraud.






Through its Operating Systems, Qilium brings together and partition all information on a single card. Medical records, history of care, identification data and various services of health institutions can give rise to different access conditions. Data are stored locally allowing to preserve private information about patients and improving security.



In addition to information storage, through our Operating System (OS) for smart card, an authentication of health network user is possible. Indeed, to ensure a high level of security, our OS gives access to the best authentication methods known to date such as : Secure messaging (AES, DES / 3DES) and PIN (Global and / or per application).



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