UniQ is a secure memory operating system answering to projects wanting a simple solution with many possibilities to secure data and transactions. It has been designed to be used in multiple projects in contact.






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UniQ offers a range of 5 different memory sizes ( 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K or 64 K) proted on contact flash IC. It allows integrators and card manufacturer to match with many specifications in diverse projects. It is divided in fixed partition allocated to Data and with additional counter (purse).





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One of the unique selling point of UniQ is the security options configurable by partition. Indeed, it is possible to implement:


  • Read and Write  Key for data partition
  • Increase and Decrease Key for purse
  • PUK for each key
  • AES key by partition/purse


As far as UniQ is a dematerialized product, you can implement it on any chip of the market. In addition to the existing range where it has been ported, our team of engineers can help you to implement the OS on your own integrated circuit.  As Operating System for FLASH IC, UniQ allows the same level of security in secure messaging using AES software cryptographic engine for securing transmission data.




Public transportation
Toll collection
Data storage
Access management
Stadium card





UniQ ® is intended for:




Projects requiring a simple but secure solution
Projects allowing client to change the partition structure by himself
Projects requiring Simple Security Conditions




Qilium engineer’s guide you in every step from specifications to integration of our OS in your system. Beyond our classical offer in Contact, we can provide other memory size with UniQ delivered on chip.This includes a custom partition's number and memory sizes.



This product is available under licence, in wafers, modules and smartcards.

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