MultiQ is the perfect answer for projects involving multiple applications. It has been designed for developers, IC Designers, card manufacturers and integrators wanting to propose a complete solution in one smartcard. Multi-purpose oriented, compliance with many standards and ease of integration are the main characteristic of our native Operating System.












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MultiQ doesn’t have restriction in dedicated and elementary files implementation which permits a countless creation of profiles. Besides the possibilities offered by its compliance with many standards, our operating system (OS) allows to create different type of DF & EF:


  • Transparent,
  • Record (cyclic or linear)
  • Purse


You can decide to define a Card Holder Verification (CHV) file at the moment of application’s creation, making much easier the basic pre-personalisation of MultiQ.




Public transportation
Identity documents
Data storage
Secured authenticate
Access management 
Lunch card
Private money
Stadium card





MutliQ ® is intended for:




Projects requiring an ISO 7816 solution
Projects requiring several independent data structures
Projects requiring Complex Security Conditions




It is compliant with many standards. With MultiQ you can create structures that match to your project by your own. Our team of engineers can also pre-personnalize and implement the profile that you need. Finally, we can furnish the script that are essential to your system integration.


MultiQ can fulfill demand using standards such as :




ICAO        PKCS#15       CALYPSO       ITSO type 2       CIPURSE      NFC      SIM-USIM-ISIM       EMV



 This product is available under licence, on waffers, modules, prelams and smart cards.

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