Javiis a Javacard operating system (OS) answering to projects in many industries such as finance, telecommunication, identity or computer authentication. The speedness and multi-applicative capabilities of our OS in contact, contactless and dual allow you to integrate easily the smartcard in your system and to propose better products to your clients.







JaviQ is available in two different versions:




JaviQ for low-end projects
JaviQ X for high-end projects



The low-end version is ideal for application that do not require Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) cryptography, for example project such as :
SIM, public transportation, ...  


JaviQ X, for its part, can be used for applications requiring PKI cryptography. As a result, it requires a dedicated co-processor and allows to run applications for projects requiring asymmetric keys.







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In order to ensure compatibility with our client applets, Qilium follows Javacard and global platform evolutions. It is why Qilium can develop or help you develop your own applets.


As far as JaviQ is a dematerialized product, you can implement it on any chip of the market. In addition to the existing range where it has been ported, our team of engineers can help you to implement the OS on your own integrated circuit in ROM, EEPROM or FLASH.


JaviQ provides a flexible and secure way to load applets. The flexibility, thanks' to Javacard standard, allows to use the same platform for several kind of projects (applets). About security, JaviQ offers secure messaging using AES hardware cryptographic engine for secure data transmission.






Public transportation
Logical access





JaviQ ® is intended for:




Projects requiring interoperability
Projects requiring update after activation
Projects requiring high Security Conditions





Qilium engineer’s guide you in every step from specifications to integration of our OS in your system. Thanks to our experience in this field, we can also develop different Javacard applets for JaviQ . This includes a constant online support.







This product is available under licence, on waffers, on module, on prelams and in smartcards

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