Through EMV Operating system structure, Qilium gives you access to chip-and-pin or chip-and-signature cards. EMV structure provides fraud protection for both offline and online transactions. MultiQ provides access to the highest level of banking transaction security.




First, access to data memory on the chip card requires symmetric authentication keys also called chip-and-pin. This access condition is the first barrier against fraud. From this step you already can perform online transaction.


Moreover, Public key infrastructure (PKI) could be needed. This cryptographic methods use asymmetric keys and certificates to facilitate card authentication for offline transaction.
As far as the cost of counterfeit card fraud is increasing in the financial industries still using magnetic strip card, it is essential to use smartcard to secure your client's payments. Our operating systems provides :
Secure messaging (AES, DES, 3DES) during transaction
Symmetric and asymmetric authentication
Value storage on card
Increase/decrease operation
Offline transaction (DDA)
Online transaction (SDA)




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